Summer is here and Kayla is living for a beachy look–from glowing radiant skin to ocean waves. Texture Tonic will leave your hair looking gorgeous and effortless without feeling sticky or crunchy. It’s like a day at the beach with no sunscreen required.

Texture Tonic styling spray is one of Kayla’s favorite products — and one of our most versatile too. How does it work? Magnesium sulfate (A.K.A. salt) helps contract and compress hair for a piecey effect. Meanwhile, cane sugar helps give hair a soft, non-crunchy texture and shine. This 94% naturally-derived* formula works for all hair types, from straight to curly.

You can use Texture Tonic to create beachy waves, enhance your texture, revive curls or waves, or to add some slip-and-grip on fine, silky hair to make it more manageable before braiding or styling.

You can apply Texture Tonic to hair when it’s wet OR dry. On wet hair, spray it thoroughly on your hair, then squeeze or “scrunch” it and air dry or diffuse. When you’re adding texture to hair, you don’t want to use the full force of a blowdryer, so be sure to add the diffuser attachment! Texture Tonic is best for those with a little bit of natural texture, though it does work for all hair types. Be careful pairing it with leave-in treatments like Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair or any prep products, because you don’t want to make your hair feel too soft.

Go forth and hit the beach — or your Monday morning commute — with gorgeous waves.

Molly spritzed texture tonic into Kayla’s hair to give it that tousled beach look. Don’t go overboard – a little goes a long way! Kayla is our social media manager and this is her go-to product.

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