Skin Care Services

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Tulasara Signature Facial $85 – $155+
This customized facial is catered to your skin needs. After a thorough consultation with your esthetician, customized products will be selected to address dry, oily, aging, uneven, sensitive and acneic skin conditions. Personalized Aveda aromas and techniques will be performed to optimize and move your skin back to balance. 60 min | 90min
Pore Refining Facial$95 - $120
Sweet clover plant stem cells and plant-derived beta hydroxy acid work together to unclog and purify pores. This facial will gently resurface the skin's texture, revealing a smoother, poreless-looking skin. Service complete with an energy balancing massage. 60min | 90min
Instant Luminizing Facial $95 - $120
Snow lotus plant stem cells and plant-derived alpha hydroxy acids help gently exfoliate dead, dull surface cells to leave your skin smooth & bright with an even-looking tone. Your skin will visibly be luminous and glowing with a combination of massage and gentle exfoliation. 60min | 90min
Intense Hydrating Facial$95 - $120
Cactus fruit stem cells and plant-derived hylauronic acid help pull in moisture to plump & hydrate your skin. This facial will instantly restore moisture, minimizing the appearance of fine, dry lines. Leaving your skin feeling well hydrated & nourished. Service complete with marma massage techniques. 60min | 90min
Kuhl It Facial$95 - $120
This Facial was inspired by the skin care trend of cryotherapy (cold therapy). Kuhl it facial features cooling techniques combined with plant products that contain caffeine and algae-derived ingredients to leave your skin calm, soothed, and rejuvenated. 60min | 90min
Plant Peel$25+
Plant-powered thermal peel that will retexturize your skin, smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, refine the look of pores and provide the instant exfoliation and radiance benefits of a 30% glycolic peel. No down-time or peeling skin and appropriate for most skin types.
Our Smashbox Makeup was born in a Los Angeles photo studio and put to the test by professional makeup artists and photographers. Right away we knew that our primers, foundations, and lipsticks (all made cruelty-free) were the secret to perfect pictures. Inspired by our on-set expertise, we make high-quality, super-comfortable products that give you that gorgeous look anytime, on or off duty, in front of the camera or behind the lens.
Dermaplaning$45 - $75+
During this service, an esthetician uses a sterile, medical-grade blade to gently stroke dead skin cells from the face. The effects mimic the exfoliating qualities of microdermabrasion or chemical peels, but in a gentler, more controlled fashion. Includes all steps of a customized facial with all Aveda organic skin care products.
Microdermabrasion$30 - $75+
This advanced form of exfoliation is designed to remove dead skin cells, stimulate new cellular growth, and give the skin a fresh, smooth, luminous appearance. Using a diamond tipped wand can more accurately exfoliate hard-to-reach places to precisely slough away the top level of the skin, while the wands vacuum sucks up dirt and dead skin cells. The treatment softens fine lines and wrinkles, decreases the appearance of age spots, hyperpigmentation, and scarring, as well as boosting collagen production. 30 min.
Microcurrent$30 - $75+
Start shaping your skin's future with the NuFACE Smart Microcurrent Skincare System. Professional strength Facial Toning Devices go where traditional skincare can't--the MUSCLES, to tone, lift and contour in the current and over time.
Brow Tint$21
Eyebrow tinting is a beauty procedure where semi-permanent dye is painted onto your eyebrows. The purpose is to make them appear thicker, darker, and fuller. The procedure lasts for 15 minutes, but the color stays on for about 3 to 6 weeks.
Lash Lift & Tint$100+
Designed to lift, curl, and drastically improve the health and condition of natural lashes. Leaving them looking longer and darker. Service completed with a luxurious treatment that is clinically proven to thicken the diameter of eyelash hair by an average of 24%. 60 min.