Grow with us.

Venue Salon is always looking for talented professionals to join our wildly creative artists. Here you’ll find a driven team that shares a love for their craft, is dedicated to customer service, has a strong work ethic, and never stops learning new, advanced techniques. Luxury doesn’t happen on its own, we make luxury happen together through continuing education, mentorships, support, and creative thinking. 

Why Venue?

Our reputation speaks for itself. Voted the Best Salon in Lakeland and Rising Business of the Year, we’re proud to be home to award-winning services and upscale guest experiences.

As a commissioned employee, you’re guaranteed the support needed to succeed in our family-owned salon and beyond.

The Venue Salon Perks:

  • Paid vacation for employees
  • Paid continuing education
  • Flexible schedule + unlimited time off
  • Pre-paid legal (LegalShield)
  • Health, dental and vision insurance
  • 401(k)
  • Fill your books and match with your ideal clients using our Meet your Artist Software
  • Mobile booking platform
  • Social media support + advanced education
  • 100% of your professional color and backbar supplies covered by us

Unlimited Growth Opportunities

Our core belief is that education never ends. Each of our team members is on a learning path catered and curated just for them, with in-person and online education from the best in the business. Venue Salon is also lucky enough to have several Aveda educators on our team who act as mentors for new stylists from day one. Our continuing education classes happen monthly, and when hiring from a school, we take additional steps to set up our new artists for success.

Build a Life You Love in Lakeland, FL

As a Business Member of the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce, we love our town. Lakeland has a balance between small-town living and resort-style amenities and is between Tampa and Orlando—providing easy access to attractions and locations that others travel from far and wide to see. Home to 38 stunning lakes and several historic art museums, outdoor lovers and history buffs alike will have a wonderful time soaking in our Sunshine State weather.

Our Cause:

The Environment
As an Aveda salon, the well-being of the planet (and our community) is always on our minds. We share the culture of Aveda through eco-friendly products, cutting-edge techniques, volunteer activities, and sustainability standards. Our Aveda Artists work exclusively with Aveda products—some of the industry’s purest and most refined professional products.

The Community
Through Earth Month, our Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Dinner, and other initiatives, we’re also able to give back to our Lakeland community, which we love dearly.

Think you’re a match?

Apply below!


  • When was Venue Salon started, and how did you come up with the name and vibe?

    Our owner, Patricia, named our location Venue upon purchasing the space in 2017. She chose the name Venue for many reasons. A venue is where excitement and energy are expected, people can’t resist the invitation, and events of purpose, intrigue, and value occur. Ultimately, a venue of value builds trust, reputation, and purpose. These ideas bring her daily joy; they drive her decisions and how she attracts and retains her Aveda Artists and guests.

    She knew our space was special; it held lakefront views, high vaulted ceilings, and tons of natural sunlight! She fell in love with the unique modern design of the building and the amount of space required to separate the hair studio from the more tranquil spa side of the space. It needed lots of love, and she began the labor-intensive work of repair, redesign, and rebranding. Hiring the right people was key in allowing the dream to come true.

  • Who is Venue Salon’s primary customer?

    Our customers are as diverse as our stylists! We offer a level-based pricing structure that allows our guests the ability to be matched with a professional, highly skilled artist in their budget preference. We have a Meet Your Artist survey that the guest and the provider participate in to become matched with one another. This is based not only on the service they’re scheduling but other factors like common interests, love languages, and ways of communication. 

    Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our Aveda Concept, Co-Brand Salon status. Co-Brand is Aveda’s additional and selective recognition of salons that are most aligned with their mission, vision, community engagement, and partnerships. We share the culture of Aveda through eco-friendly products, cutting-edge techniques, volunteer activities, and sustainability standards. Our Aveda Artists work exclusively with Aveda products—some of the industry’s purest and most refined professional products.

  • What are your core values and mission statement? Please describe the culture of the salon.

    We provide results-driven skin care and hair care. Venue Salon engages only stylists and estheticians who share our burning desire to be set apart. We pursue advanced education while consistently delivering new and exciting options to our guests. It is about our guests, how they want to feel and what they want. We are a team; we choose to be here, we choose each other, and we enjoy the benefits of doing luxury together. You can’t be luxury alone. We are better together in learning, mentorship, support, and creative thinking.

  • What is your onboarding and training process?

    The hiring process is something we take very seriously, as should the candidate. We hope that we will be as clear and open as possible during the hiring process. We want the applicant to understand what we are all about and who we are. We invite interested candidates to shadow days, our daily morning huddle, and classes provided during that time. We want them to see and feel what a “day in the life” would be like for them as a team member at Venue. This process allows both parties to anticipate challenges and expectations for their employment. To be clear is to be kind; we encourage their questions and appreciate their insights if they see themselves as the right fit.

  • What is your benefits package, if you have one, or my options if you don’t?

    Our full-time employees are offered paid vacation, continued education, a flexible schedule, and unlimited time off. We extend benefits including supplemental insurance and pre-paid legal coverage. We offer a mobile booking platform, Meet Your Artist enrollment, social media support, and advanced education. We also supply 100% of your professional color and backbar supplies.

    In the near future, our hope is to bring in more benefits. We are a family-owned small business and are always exploring affordable options for our team.

  • Why do we wear black?

    Black is always in style.

    When it comes to wearing a uniform color that always works, black is the way to go. Black is always in style; it goes with most other colors and accessories and is flattering to most body shapes, skin types, and hair colors. Black is also a more professional color, which helps provide a professional atmosphere for clients. To us, it’s the superior color for looking your best on the job.

    Black helps stylists see color.

    A hair salon’s bright lights and varied décor can make it hard for a stylist to see the “true color” of the client’s hair. Ever wondered why hair stylists stand behind you after your hair service is complete? It’s so that they can see how the finished result looks in front of a neutral background. If the cosmetologist was wearing something that was colorful, it could distort how the real color of the client’s hair looks. Black is a convenient and consistent way of accurately evaluating how the hair looks!

    Black makes hair easy to see.

    Hair can be finicky to cut and style because thousands of hairs can have a mind of their own. The black uniform is a great backdrop to help solitary hairs pop out for the stylist to easily see, which works with most hair colors. Black hair does blend in with the uniform in most cases, but the hair pops out against almost any other background. This means the stylist can use their uniform as much or little as they like to give the contrast they need to see how the hairstyle is coming along.

    Black stays stain-free.

    Hair stylists, especially ones that specialize in hair color, spend a lot of time around products that have the potential of staining clothing. A black uniform is much harder to stain visibly, meaning that a stylist can look professional throughout the day even if a color explosion happens on the job. Could you imagine trying to keep a white uniform clean as a professional hair colorist? It would be an absolute nightmare!

    Black has the most options.

    When it comes to shopping for black clothing, there’s no shortage of shapes, sizes, and styles. Most uniforms require a cosmetologist to wear black with the salon apron over top, so stylists have plenty of room to express themselves and their individual styles. Many clothing options are abundantly available in black, making life a little easier for professional hair stylists!


Venue team member


"I love our community of stylists, we all have each other's backs and we can feel that we have lots of support. I,of course, love continued education and that when we bring in new services I am able to build my certifications through in-salon learning. I love the benefits—I actually made my will using the prepaid legal and it was so easy!

Venue team member


We really are a team. I love how there are new services and access to new products frequently. I know we have job security and room to grow. I have worked at other salons and know that not all salons care this much about their stylists’ needs and wants.

Venue team member


Having a support staff to handle my guests booking and check-out of guests allows me more time to have with my guests one-on-one. This allows me the ability to really customize our service and give guests a great consultation and service every time. I appreciate how safe and inclusive our environment is.

Venue team member


I have finally found my home! Our owner makes sure we are fully stocked with industry premium products and items that we need for our services. Our staff gets along and we don't have people that aren't nice. The guests at Venue are kind and generous and super fun to work with

Venue team member


My flexible schedule is definitely important to me—the freedom to have a schedule that suits my life. I love the team and how we support each other's advice or formulations. We are a true luxury salon and I love being in an environment where I can deliver an elevated experience. I don't feel rushed and I have the time to make sure my guest is loving their experience. I am mostly proud of the opportunity the salon allows me to give back through the breast cancer research events we have year after year. This means so much to me. I love giving back and raising funds and awareness through our fundraising efforts.

Venue team member


I chose to move to Venue Salon because I wanted a team of co-stylists that I trust to give my guests the same level of luxury that I provide them. I also love having the freedom to set my schedule the way that works for me and my life.


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Venue Salon is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants will be considered for positions without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, genetic information, marital status, height, weight, individuals with disabilities, and equally to disabled veterans and veterans of the Vietnam era, or any other status protected by applicable law.