Premier Aveda Beauty Services
for the Lakeland Community


Venue Salon is pleased to continue the long-standing tradition of providing high-quality beauty services to the Lakeland community.

We believe in serving up your individual style and paying close attention to detail. We recognize how much trust you place in our hands and we’ll work with you to create a plan and stick to it! We are your friend in the beauty industry and we take delivering on your expectations very seriously.

  • April Templeton (5/5)

    My monthly facial with Patricia was amazing, as always! My rosacea is a day-to-day
    battle for me (and you can imagine what it's like month-to-month for Patricia in
    knowing what to do for my ever-changing sensitive skin). She knows exactly how to
    adapt the facial to what is going on with my skin. She is professional, but sweet and
    attentive. I would recommend her to anyone and will never go to another aesthetician
    as long as she's around!

  • Ingrid Schor (5/5)

    Greg is always such pleasure to see and as usual does an excellent job! The salon
    itself is relaxing and comfortable. And of course, the Aveda products are the best in
    the world! It's great that we even have an Aveda salon in Lakeland. Five stars!

  • Anon (5/5)

    I got a haircut at Venue Salon just a couple of days ago, and the salon, the service,
    and the haircut itself were incredible. If you are looking to get your hair cut and styled
    any time soon I highly recommend checking out Venue.

  • Cherissa Buehler (5/5)

    One of the best haircuts I have ever had! The salon was clean, people were very
    friendly. Will definitely be going back!

  • Lisa Brochu (5/5)

    The salon is inviting and friendly.. I felt welcomed and enjoyed my visit! Kayla Judy
    was my stylist and did an amazing job!!!

  • Angel Sims (5/5)

    Always outstanding in every way!!! Peyton gives me a cut that looks fantastic as it
    grows and nails it the same every time! Then the facials... so wonderful:) Love the
    atmosphere, people, and the way I look!

  • Chris Mulder (5/5)

    Jessica did my highlights and cut. I love it! She was very professional and listened to
    exactly what I wanted. I won't go anywhere else.

  • Elizabeth Vogler (5/5)

    My first experience was so memorable, because of their warm welcome. I love and
    enjoy my experience everytime I go for my appointments!! Everyone is sooo friendly
    and very accommodating! The salom is very clean and always smells fantastic, and
    all hair stylist are great. I highly recommend them!!

  • Janet Savoie Mendez (5/5)

    Venue Salon is truly an exceptional place. The staff is very friendly, helpful and
    knowledgeable. An immaculately kept salon that offers many services from skin care
    to hair care. Patricia is the best for your skin care needs. She is experienced, caring
    and professional. Patricia takes the time to assess your skins needs and offers
    guidance to help maintain it's health. You will see immediate results. Jessica has you
    covered for your hair care needs. She takes the time to really listen to what you want
    to give you the best color and cut to fit your needs. The staff will exceed your
    expectations. You will find great service and great results, I highly recommend you
    visit Venue Salon for a truly exceptional experience!

  • Audrey Reeves (5/5)

    Staff was very helpful (as always) in finding the right hair products..

  • Gail Adams (5/5)

    I was hesitant. I gave it a try. Loved, loved, loved being pampered. From the quiet
    setting, the beautiful lake view, all the amenities and then came the relaxing hair
    wash, hand massage and warm towel. On to the chair, blow dry, trim, style and beach
    curl and a smile on my face. Venue Salon and my Kayla made me feel refreshed.
    Great experience. I'll be back....

  • Alizabeth Itter (5/5)

    The atmosphere was calming and beautiful. The specialists were polite and friendly
    and Jason as always did an amazing job with my hair.

  • Stephanie Schmitt (5/5)

    Made an appointment online. Very easy to use. Changed my provider to Nayme. That
    was fine as I didn't know any of the stylist at the salon. I'm new to this salon. But I
    have used Aveda products for years. We just clicked. I had an amazing experience.
    The perfect cut & style. I feel wonderful. Will definitely be going back. Highly
    recommend this salon!

  • Monica Carnley (5/5)

    Very relaxing, friendly atmosphere. Everyone was amazing even the owner. Thank
    you for the amazing service you've gained a lifetime customer.

  • Gail Matute (5/5)

    Not only was my cut great, as always, but staff was also so kind and caring after I
    suffered a recent life upheaval. Thanks to Greg, Patricia, and everyone.

  • Darlene Luna (5/5)

    Wonderful experience with Dawn, already went in for a second service and will be
    continuing! Everyone there is very helpful!

  • Lisa Smelser (5/5)

    Peyton does a fabulous job with my short curly hair and helped me find two lip colors
    that I'm excited about. Patricia explained the rewards program in a way that made me
    think "why haven't I done this before" after being skeptical previously. Always a
    wonderful experience here. My last visit exceeded expectations, and I've been a
    client here for several years.

  • Sharon Sowers (5/5)

    Great service! Patricia was very warm and welcoming when I arrived and gave me
    the full tour. Naime did an incredible job on my hair trim. Exactly the length I wanted
    and my bangs are the best they have ever been. I highly recommend this salon to
    anyone looking for that special treatment!

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