Featured Artist: Vakti Gallery

Artist: Vakti Gallery


The Lakeland art community includes a large and continuously growing number of creative individuals that represent a wide variety of artistic styles. The mission of Vakti Gallery is to provide a space where local artists can be recognized and where the quality and power of their creations can be felt. Those who shop from Vakti are choosing, intentionally, to hear what local artists have to say.

Lakelander Olivia Overholt launched Vakti Gallery in December of 2020. During quarantine, huge ideas began to grow of a space where local artists could display art in a way that provides value and respect. With a background in graphic design, Olivia decided to make those ideas come to life. Our vision became to create an environment in which both artist and artwork will receive adoration and respect for their boldness and originality. Vakti launched as an online location where local art can be found year-round. Six times a year, Vakti holds Pop-Up Shows throughout central Florida allowing the local art to be displayed tangibly on the walls of local business.

Vakti comes from the root word for speech. Artists use paint, charcoal, photography, and any number of other mediums as a way to communicate their beliefs, opinions, and ideas. The words “convict” and “evoke” come from Vakti. Art is a form of speech.


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