Featured Artist: Julia Patrick





After many years moving with her military family, Julia returned to Lakeland upon completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts in 2020 from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Common subjects in her works include nature, local landscapes, and editorial pieces. The majority of her works feature watercolor, poster color, ink, and digital techniques. Her preferred medium is watercolor, which she has studied for nearly a decade. Through both illustration and fine art, Julia aims to create an engaging visual profile that blends elements of texture, color, and subject. She has shown locally in exhibitions with The Working Artist Studio, Artifact Studios, and at Buena Market events. She also collaborates with local businesses such as Revival, The Joinery, Eat Plenty, and now Venue Salon. Julia’s works have received recognition by businesses featured in her collection of local illustrations. This collection of pieces featured some of her favorite spaces to connect with the community, including Concord Coffee, Selby Gardens, Black and Brew, The Joinery, and more.

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