No more surgery: How the Electric Facial is replacing surgical facelifts

No more surgery: How the Electric Facial is replacing surgical facelifts

Venue Salon features the non-surgical face-lift treatment that has gained in popularity and notoriety. It’s a true and holistic way of reversing the signs of aging.

Every year after age 25 we lose about 1-1. 5% of the collagen that comprises most of our dermal layers. When the value of the skin is lost, we start to see sagging skin and deep wrinkles. Beneath the skin, some of the facial muscles become increasingly contracted over the years from facial expressions, while other muscles become elongated due to age and gravity.

The Micro-current Electric Facial

This treatment works past the skin and stimulates the facial muscles, similar to the way a work out would for the rest of the body.  Micro-current is the only known technology that triggers the body’s natural skin enhancement chemicals at a cellular level, and can increase the levels of ATP to 500%.   

During the treatment, the cells of the body are literally being recharged with new energy – think of how you jumpstart a dead battery on a car using jumper cables – it’s the same idea, really. 

The best part? Noticeable results are immediate and no down time allows you to receive this facial same day or the day before an event.  

The combination of benefits results in tighter, smoother and firmer skin – especially when combined with Aveda’s targeted skin care ingredients that help deliver this healing energy into the deepest layers of the skin.

The proof is in the FDA-certified clinical studies, as well as before and after pictures. It’s no wonder celebrities have become insatiable consumers of electric facials, especially during awards season. I’ve seen the results on my clients, and I know that results are immediate while continuing to improve over the next 8 hours.

Celebrities’ Secret Skin Obsession

Madonna and Kate Winslet are outspoken fans of red carpet facials, a treatment that incorporates nutritious, naturally derived products, lymph drainage massage techniques, and followed by a mild electrical current.

Regular micro-current sessions were rumored to be Princess Di’s beauty secret. Many celebrities, including J.Lo, have shared their love for micro- current and the benefits it has on looking your best at any age.

You can even create an arch in the eyebrows! I keep NuFACE in my makeup kit so I can “sculpt and lift” before I apply a guest’s makeup. I use it for five to fifteen minutes on each side, pulling upward. The result? Everything’s tighter, and you look more alert and awake. People know something’s different, but they don’t know exactly what. Usually they say, “Did you just get back from vacation, you look great!”

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